Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire - Student Form (S 11-17)
Think about how you have been over the last term and complete the form.
2. I am restless, I cannot stay still for long
3. I get a lot of headaches, stomach-aches or sickness
4. I usually share with others (food, games, pens etc.)
5. I get very angry and often lose my temper
7. I usually do as I am told
8. I worry a lot
10. I am constantly fidgeting or squirming
11. I have one good friend or more
13. I am often unhappy, down-hearted or tearful
14. Other people my age generally like me
17. I am kind to younger children
18. I am often accused of lying or cheating
21. I think before I do things
24. I have many fears, I am easily scared
25. I finish the work I'm doing. My attention is good